5 Techniques for increasing YouTube watch time

Are you running a Youtube channel, and want to increase the watch


Youtube is one of the biggest platforms to earn through making

videos of different types. Engaging people with your video content is not

an easy task.

With easy fine-tuning, you can easily engage your viewers for a long time

and increase the watch time. The number of video views depends on

many factors. The developers usually focus on quantity more than

quality. Their focus is on the duration of the video because it is a signal

that the viewer liked or disliked the video.

Let’s have a look at how you can increase the watch time or average view


● Optimise Your Videos For SEO

Enhancing the SEO for your videos is a great additional way to increase

YouTube watch time.

Your videos will rank higher in search engine results if you improve your

SEO. As a result, when people search on YouTube, they can easily find

your videos.

Optimising your videos for YouTube SEO can be a breeze. You can begin

by following this step-by-step guide:

1. The first step is to choose the keyword that will serve as the main

keyword for your video and for which it should rank.

2. If your video is a beginner-oriented WordPress tutorial, your

keyword could be something like WordPress tutorial for


3. The next step is to include that particular keyword in your video.

4. Last but not the least, add the keyword in the video.

Make Evergreen Content

It can be difficult to get discovered on YouTube. You can make it easy by

uploading the videos that are most likely to be searched, and relevant for

the whole year.

It is known as Evergreen content, which is loved by the creators, and

gains a lot of traffic. Some prominent examples of evergreen ideas might

include cooking, health, home, and beauty.

Interestingly, evergreen content is not only famous for some time or one

year, but it also engages the audience for a long period. It is indeed the

best way to increase watch time.

● Use Long-tail Youtube Keywords

You can get people to watch your videos by focusing on long-tail YouTube


Using YouTube's suggestions feature is one way to find keywords. Search

that keyword you are confident your viewers will find interesting in the

YouTube search box and take note of the suggestions that YouTube

suggests. These suggestions are based on the interest of the audience, so

they are not random suggestions. Make use of these ideas for video


For instance, you might make a video that focuses on wordpress guide

for beginners and another that focuses on "Wordpress ideas"based on

the suggestions for the term "WordPress".

● Utilise Youtube Video Shorts

Your chances of making money from your channel are improved if you've

been publishing YouTube Shorts, which have probably added to the 4,00

hours of total channel watch time.

The total number of times your channel has been viewed grows with

every YouTube Short that is viewed. Shorts content now has a better

chance of gaining more views thanks to the YouTube Shorts shelf on

YouTube's desktop.

● Listen To The Interest Of Your Audience

Your subscribers might give you some best suggestions to grow your

channel. After all, they are your customers and audience.

Most of the viewers are aware of what is going around them. Just have a

look at the comment section of your video. Highly engaged audience will

give some highly potential ideas that will bring more revenue.

Give at least one try to these suggestions, and you will definitely have a

great watch time.

End Note

To crawl the content on the web, search engines like Google and others

employ their spiders. Different metrics including a site's performance,

CTR, links, etc. are tracked by search engines.

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YouTube has a completely different procedure for this. Youtube ranks the

videos by evaluating certain factors like video watch time, play count and

many more. Read these tips to increase your watch time, and generate


Frequently Asked Questions

How to get 4000 watch hours on Youtube ?

The best tips for getting 4000 watch hours on Youtube:

1. Create longer and optimized youtube videos

2. Add video chapters

3. Create eye-catching thumbnails

4. Create the end screens for your videos

Why does the watch time of Youtube videos matter ?

Watch time is the most important factor in Youtube Algorithms. It helps

in the ranking of videos quickly, guides the users on what they can watch next.