How To Grow Instagram Audience Organically?

Do you want to grow your instagram audience organically?

 If yes, then you have landed at the right place! It has become extremely difficult for marketers

to grow their followers organically after the launching of constant updates.

Fake instagram followers are increasing daily; their job is to increase your

followers by following fake strategies. It seems to be so aggravating. They are

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Instagram is an overcrowded social media platform with billions of marketers.

If you are interested in standing out in this overcrowded space, just read this

article, and you will achieve your goal.

1. Keep your audience engaged

You've therefore worked out Instagram's algorithm, produced attention-

seeking content, and posted at the appropriate times. Do you still have

engagement rates that are lower than you'd like?

This is giving you a signal that your videos need more engagement. Your

material is being ignored or disregarded by your followers. You must try your

best to improve the content of your videos. You need brilliant concepts that

will attract your audience and make them pay attention to your content.

If you having trouble coming up with ideas, consider these:

● Post Instagram Stories

● Go Live oftenly

● Use hashtags to make your posts trending

● Contests and giveaways

2. Use Instagram Shoutouts

Co-promotion is the most well-liked method of Instagram account growth.

Shoutouts let you gain more audience and attract influencers to your content.

Most shoutouts incorporate a brand mention with a suitable profile link in the

content caption. When mentioning a particular brand, consider including a

picture of it.

You may also use hashtag searches or influencer marketing tools to find

various influencers or people outside of your expertise or business. Once you

have these people, look through their feeds and stories to find the ones with

greater engagement and frequent shoutouts.

You can leave likes and comments on their posts and enquire if they 'd  be

interested in exchanging shoutouts with your business.

3. Post Your Content At Best Posting Times

There are many reasons why you are posting on instagram when your

followers are active. The more your followers are engaged with your content,

the more likely you will get noticed by Instagram’s Algorithm.

Posting the content at the right time means more chances of post

engagement. It’s possible only when you post the latest and most engaging

content on time.

There are many queries about the right time to post, and it’s not a tricky

question that can't be answered. Check your Instagram analytics to observe

when your audience is active.

Posting your content at this time will boost your posts and increase your


4. Optimize Your Instagram Content

Apart from all the strategies discussed above, optimizing your account is the

most straightforward and successful strategy. An optimized account can bring

more sales, audience, and engagement.

It is necessary to make sure that your account is easy to reach, profile name

and Instagram handle are not challenging to find. Add some eye-catching

keywords, and improve the chances of getting discovered. Make your bio

interesting, and encourage the users to follow you and watch your videos.

5. Post Instagram Reels

With the advancement in technology and hype of Tiktok, short-form video

content is increasing daily. The best way to increase the audience on Instagram

is to post reels daily. It will engage the audience and ultimately increase your


Instagram reels are usually short and easily discoverable videos with high

chances of engagement. They are posted in the form of stories or regular feed

posts. Their duration lasts up to 90 seconds.

Interestingly, reels always engage the users, and they watch it entirely till the

end. The best way to post engaging reels is to look for what other brands and

influencers are posting. It will ultimately give you a perfect idea of how you can

increase your audience by posting reels.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to increasing your instagram audience organically, following

the proper strategies will help you stand out in the crowded space of

Instagram. It is important to note here that organic growth is a time taking

process and doesn’t bring success in a few days. But, once you have started

increasing the organic audience, it will bring you great success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fix low reach on Instagram ?

If you are not getting an audience on your account, despite your efforts, it’s

not a big deal. Just follow these strategies and solve your issue;

● Post the videos on best time

● Optimize your account and videos

● Create user-generated content

● Go live on Instagram

● Use Instagram ads

● Post reels and stories daily

Why is nobody viewing my stories on Instagram ?

The most common reason that no one is watching your videos or stories is that

your videos and stories need more engagement. You might have used an

engagement application or black hat techniques to get more audience.

Following the proper strategies will help you gain more views, likes, and

comments. This will help you to grow your audience.