Common Palava and Quick Solutions for Beta Experience


Crescitaly na power platform wey people like because e get different beta things wey e fit do. But like every tech, sometimes people fit run into small small problems. For this guide, we go yan common gbege wey people dey find with Crescitaly and how to solve am sharp-sharp so you go fit enjoy beta beta.

Loading Waka Slow

Problem: Users fit dey see say the thing dey waka slow, e fit touch how dem dey do work and fit slow down beta.


Check your internet connection to make sure say e follow the platform requirements.

Clear your browser cache and cookies so that e go waka fast.

Fix images and multimedia wey dey your Crescitaly pages make e waka well.

Wahala with Compatibility

Problem: Some people fit get wahala if dem dey use browsers or devices wey no gree gree with Crescitaly.


Make sure say your browser dey updated to the latest version.

Check Crescitaly system requirements to know the browsers and devices wey dem recommend.

Off browser extensions wey fit cause trouble with Crescitaly.

Error Messages during Upload

Problem: Users dey see messages wey show say dem no fit upload file or content.


Check file formats and sizes to make sure say dem dey follow Crescitaly rules.

Check your internet connection make e steady during upload.

If the wahala still dey, contact Crescitaly support make dem helep you.

Unexpected Shutdown

Problem: Users fit see say the platform just jinja, no work again.


Check Crescitaly status page for any problem wey dey or maintenance wey dey go on.

Follow Crescitaly official social media channels make you fit get update as e dey happen.

Think about using another thing or schedule your work when people no plenty online.

Wahala to Navigate the Platform

Problem: Some users dey find am hard to waka inside Crescitaly.


Use the platform handbook and tutorials.

Join training sessions or webinars wey Crescitaly dey provide.

Give Crescitaly feedback on the place where you see say dem need to improve for the interface.

Security Concerns

Problem: Users fit dey fear say their data no dey secure for Crescitaly.


Turn on two-factor authentication to put another security on top.

Regularly change your password and use strong, different kind of combination.

Learn about Crescitaly security rules and best way to do things.

Integration Limitation

Problem: Users fit see say dem no fit join Crescitaly with other tools or platforms the way dem like am.


Check Crescitaly handbook to know which integration dem dey support.

Find third-party way or APIs wey fit join Crescitaly with the tools wey you like.

Tell Crescitaly how you want make dem take join the things for their feedback.


Crescitaly na platform wey get plenty good things, and if you follow the quick quick solutions wey we talk, you go fit solve your problem well-well and enjoy the beta wey Crescitaly get. Make you dey informed, follow support resources, and put hand for the community so that you go fit enjoy beta and feel support from the people wey dey use Crescitaly.